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At Vista Village, we know that staying active can prevent boredom and depression – this includes older adults too. Nobody wants to sit around doing nothing all day, no matter what their age. Our residents at Vista Village enjoy the time spent being creative while engaging in arts and crafts led by our Vibrant Life director and her assistants. Not ready for an empty canvas? A great activity for seniors is to explore their artistic side with coloring books. They’ll get the joy of creating a beautiful work of art with no artistic skills required!

And not all coloring books are created for kids. We found some good coloring books that are perfect for seniors. The pictures are realistic and the subjects will interest many older adults. Colored pencils, crayons, or watercolor paint can be used on the high-quality paper and the lines are gray, so they’ll basically disappear after the pictures are colored in. They can be found at Dover Publications.

Why not give it a try today? Vista Village residents will join in this project with you by downloading some of these pictures and creating their own master pieces.

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